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  • 9/5/2019
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Speaker: Deborah Bulger, CPHQ

In this age of constant connectivity, whether we are seeking directions, baseball scores or the latest hit song, we expect instant results. And Siri seems to know it all! But, as your organization’s revenues are increasingly linked to value-based care initiatives, the questions become more complex and the answers far more elusive. Navigating the transition from volume to value requires major shifts in operational behavior and cultural attitudes and as a quality professional you are at the heart of both. How prepared is your organization to embrace quality as key driver of financial success? In this session we will explore how data can be used to answer important questions about your potential for success in this new environment.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify demographic, clinical and financial markers of vulnerability as your organization prepares to take on more financial risk
  • Describe four market segments based on organizational characteristics that define potential strategies for embracing value-based care
  • Utilize a diagnostic tool to plot your organization into market segments and map your opportunities to succeed

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