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When and Where
  • 3/4/2020
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Speaker: Johan Smith, MBA CPHQ

This webinar is intended to help quality managers and clinicians re-imagine their role as "chief curiosity officers". While Healthcare Quality is driven by data and analytical tools, those tools must be in the hands of inspired advocates. Just as “necessity is the mother of invention”, curiosity is soul of quality. Participants will be exposed to understanding Curiosity as a Core Competency for quality to thrive; Learning how to evaluate curiosity capabilities, and how to cultivate a culture of organizational curiosity. Curiosity Competency is a distinguishing factor in a field of competitors; Curiosity can be developed and strengthened; Culture is developed and maintained through storytelling. Attendees will be exposed to a new way of thinking about using and sharing data, with practical examples given. The presentation contributes to healthcare quality by encouraging the quality professional to bring quality efforts forward exposing them to all stakeholders in meaningful ways.

Learning Objectives:

  • Demonstrate the need for increased applied curiosity for improved QAPI results
  • Classify curiosity as meeting core competency criteria
  • Develop approaches to encourage a culture of curiosity and innovation to drive quality
  • Employ curiosity to enhance quality "marketing" communication that engages stakeholders

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